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Theopencil’s 16 X 20 Original and personalized black and white pencil drawings will be lovely for a unique and sentimental gift to suit any occasion. For a detailed art we will recommend this paper size to suit just 1 or 2 faces in the drawing. For 3 or more faces please choose other sizes from the products section. The photo you provide us has to be very clear for me to be able to get all the details for the drawing.

What you get with this Order is an Original 16 X 20 inches pencil drawing of your photo rolled up in a tube and delivered to your doors.

Note: Expect a Pencil Portrait to take 3  to 6 weeks (depending on how complex it is) from when I receive the Order to delivering the order to your address.

Custom made pencil drawings will make a very memorable, unique gift for any occasion and can be treasured forever. Commission a pencil drawing today and put a smile on someones face for a lifetime! DON’T WAIT and ORDER NOW

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